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Current Regulator Diodes

Functional purpose: limiting and current stabilization in the power supply circuit.   

Main application:  simplest LED driver for LED arrays power supply regulation designed for lightening, buildings decorative lightening and automotive lightening. 

SC “VSP-Mikron” designed a die series of current regulator diodes with the following technical characteristics: 

  •  nominal value of pinch-off current: Ip=20mA, 30mA, 40mA, 50mA, 60mA;
  •  maximum variation of pinch-off current:  +/-10%;
  •  breakdown voltage: Vb=50V, 100V;
  •  typical voltage value wherein CRD switches to stabilization mode: Vk= 3-4V 


View of current-voltage characteristics and basic parameters of CRD. 

 Ip – nominal value of pinch-off current, measured at 10V,

 Vs – maximum stabilizing voltage, i.e. maximum voltage wherein the following ratio is carried out: I(Vs)/I(10V)<1,15,

 Vk –  turnover voltage, i.e. the voltage wherein the current proceeding via CRD is equal to 0,8Ip.(80% of the nominal),

 Vb – breakdown voltage.

At consecutive inclusion in a power-supply circuit CRD provides nominal rate of current in the wide range of voltage from 3V to 100V. 

An example of the using CRD can be its inclusion in LED power-supply circuit, which allows protecting of LED from the failure in case of voltage change and it helps to maintain a constant brightness of LED, since it is proportional to the value of proceeding current.