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Environmental Policy of the organization

The main goal of the organization in the sphere of nature protection is achieving of necessary ecological results in carrying out of activities to meet the needs of customers in high-quality IC and semiconductor devices.


The main principles of Environmental Policy realization:

-          Admission of the fact that ecological management is included in the number of the most meaningful priorities of the organization;

-          Constant improvement of the environmental management system;

-          Planning and monitoring of the environmental activities results;

-          Resources allocation for Environmental Policy realization and ecological management modernization;


High-Management and staff of the organization are obliged:

-          To  observe the law in nature protection and fulfill requirements of environment protection, written in the normative documents;

-          To strive not to exceed  environment pollution norms, set by a competent authority;  

-          To check and evaluate the influence of every new activity, new products and processes on the environment before implementation of it;

-          To take all necessary and economical-reasonable actions to stopping or minimalizing negative influences on the environment;     

-          To implement the technology that taking into account the need of saving resources and reducing the impact to the environment; 

-          To exploit and support equipment in safety status for the purpose to  prevent possible accidents  with significant environmental consequences;  

-          To constantly train and improve organization staff skills in the sphere of environmental protection;

-          To inform staff and other concerned parties about activities in environment protection sphere.

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